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 Hello part 2, To all admins who are online now
 Posted: Jan 20 2018, 10:53 PM

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I am sick and tired of this..

I got unbanned, and I love this server. It is fun, and I love killing zombies. I got big score in less than a week, but now this is going too overboard..

I was playing now in this server, and I see admin Jelly in there. I did not say anything bad, and I just talked like: Oh hello everyone!!

And then I said FUC (not fuck) FUC, and I got /warned for insulting player.. But i did not warn anyone..

I stopped talking and playing, I got a killstreak like 4 zombies? and then the hacks started happening.

I was teleported into different places, into boxes, and then I was tazed for 3 minutes ingame.. When I started running towards to kill the last zombie, someone tazed me and the zombie killed me, and then I turned into zombie and then the hacking became worse= The hacker made me /jackoff 3 (In game command) and i could not stop the command, cause it said: ''Can't do that at the moment'' and i was stuck until zombie killed me. and then it happened so many times. I reported Killer cause i know killer did it, cause I provoked him and told him that i was playing for 1 week and my score is almost as big as his..

And I reported to admins and used /ask and asked if someone is helping me, and the admin(s) did not respond nor helped me. And I took a video of it all. I was teleported, and then thrown everywhere, I fell into water where there was no water and I was tazed multiple times. I told admins to also /spec me, but nobody did nothing. I hope someone can help me, cause this is bullying and nobody likes me in this server, cause I reported Jelly for abusing admin commands and that im a good player...
It is unfair if I do not get help and I hope someone from the higher level of admins will help me, cause I want to play this game for fun, not to be bullied. :ok:
 Posted: Jan 21 2018, 02:28 PM

All I want is money.
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I've been told that you're very disrespectful but you keep denying it and act as if you were the victim in this story. You just can't complain about being muted and/or warned after being so disrespectful, you were even banned for the same reason yet you still have the guts to say such words and then cry about it when you get muted/warned afterwards. You're all big in-game, disrespecting everyone, but then you come to the forum, say you're sick and tired and cry about being bullied just can't complain about it when you've done the exact same thing. Just don't talk too much and watch your language.
Oh and about these so called "hacks", I don't know who this "Killer" guy is but I can assure you he has nothing to do with it, in fact I know exactly who is doing it. But I'm sure that after you fix your awful demeanor, these so called "hacks" will stop.
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